What is Root why we Root Advantages & disadvantages?

What is Root why we Root Advantages & disadvantages?

What is Root why we Root Advantages & disadvantages?

Table of Content

  • What is Root?
  • Why we Root?
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Disclaimer
  • How to Root

What is Root?

For many Computers or smartphone operating system, the root “Administrator or Superuser” Account is a special user account that can access all file command.
In another hand, Android Root allows the user full control over the device.
The Root User access can cause damage to the device used caution to be used.

Why we root?

The most common reason for rooting the device for removing unwanted applications from the device, Increasing performance,  perform full data backup, connect Wi-Fi and USB tethering, use custom theme, and run the latest Android operating system, all the gain only be performed by root access vary based on the hardware and software of the device


If you want to Root your device, your device warranty now void. Your device warranty no longer available after performing this, some timing device no longer boot available and the device goes “soft-break” if you don’t hear about soft break or bootloader or if you don’t know how to handle such a situation  please don’t do this, am not responsible for any kind of loss.

Advantages of Root

You can Fully Customize Your device also Run  Some Special Apps in Only in  Rooted Android device like

  • Rooted Apps. Check Out These Apps Designed for Rooted Devices. …
  • SuperSU (Free)
  • Dumpster (Free)
  • Services (Free) 
  • Live boot (Free)
  • Boot Animations (Free)
  • Good Mood Droid Gesture Control ($5.55)
  • Flashify (Free) and more…

Disadvantages of rooting

there are some disadvantages of rooting android device, Rooting is responsible for Brick’s your device, maybe be slow your device.

How to Root Android Smart Phones 

How to Root here many ways to Root your Android wait fore the post Now it is a cumming soon reliable method for Rooting android device thank for you hare.

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