What happen if we flash custom ROM in any Android

What happen if we flash custom ROM in any Android

what happen if we flash custom ROM in any Android
what happen if we flash wrong firmware

Table of content

  • What is custom-Rom?
  • What happen if we flash custom?
  • What happen if we flash Wrong Firmware?
  • How to recover such a situation?

What is the custom ROM?

Custom Rom is an Aftermarket Firmware, Many Official Smartphone companies leave the giving updates support for their phones after the release of the device 2 to 3 year later, So here CustomRom support that phones to keep updated with the advancement  and latest features for the phones, so custom rom is too important, but in some  custom rom is not stable as compare to original firmware.

What happen if we flash custom ROM in any Android?

If you want to flash custom Rom in your android you can flash it is not risky or damage your device, Some time we do the minor mistake during the performing flashing or update our device then we facing this types of problems soft-break or stuck at booting so you need have to do focus on this before performing update and flashing operation.

  • Take Backup of you’re Device original Rom [Highly Recommended]
  • make sure you’re device charge at least 60%
  • Chose correct firmware/OS for your device
  • focus on this before download Custom ROM make sure this is for your device
  • Check:- Chipset, kernel version, supported models.
  • Bootloader [ Bootloader matching] with your device, otherwise you need have to do the upgrade or downgrade.
  • follow all steps carefully during flashing.
  • How to flash Custom Rom in any android.

What happen if we flash Wrong Firmware?

what happen if we flash custom ROM in any Android

if you are by mistakenly flash the wrong firmware or custom-Rom In Your device your device automatically break update operation with showing status 7Erro, but sometimes this is  not working if you flash wrong firmware like [ you’re device is Samsung galaxy J700F or you have flash Samsung galaxy J500F firmware] then it doesn’t stop or breaks updates operation or you’re device goes to “soft breaknolonger boot” available  “Stuck at bootingshowing green Screen” on your device, sometimes your device is fully dead, So make sure before performing flashing or updating operation.   

How to recover such a situation?

Hey, guys don’t worry if you have done this type of mistake you can Recover such a situation, follow this to recover such a situation, this method works in all Android phones 

  • Download Original stock ROM for your device
  • Flash this Original Stock
  • search on Google “how to flash stock Firmware” in you’re mobile phone model
  • flash original ROM 

After the performing flash Original stock-Rom in you’re device you’re device goes on, I hope this method is working if you have any query regarding this please comment below thank you have a good day. 

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