SlimRom for all android device best custom rom

SlimRom for all android device best custom rom

SlimRom for all android device best custom rom

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Introduction with the SlimRom best & stable CustumRom

SlimRom Is the best CustomRom Develop By:- “Slim Ltd” Based on the AOSP code while adding useful tweaks to it. The most notable features of the SlimRoms project is the inclusion of the Slim Recents and the Slim PIE. The recent alternative is used to display the recent apps in a sidebar, as opposed to occupying the entire screen. The PIE, on the other hand, comes as a navbar replacement, that proves to be highly useful when using your device in Immersive mode. Other SlimRoms features include a custom dialer, custom Quick Settings tiles, lock screen shortcuts, Privacy Guard, and more. The SlimRoms project offers simple and minimalistic transitions that end up resulting in a clean and neat interface, that can further be customized should the user choose to. If minimalism is what you’re looking for, SlimRoms is right up your alley. Possibly the lightest and most functional custom ROM, SlimRom for all android device best custom rom


Supported device

it supports all major Android device like

  • Samsung
  • micromax
  • lenovo
  • moto
  • HTC
  • Huwaie
  • Asus
  • OnePlus and more


How to flash/Install CustomRom 


All credit goes to the “SlimRom” and their contributor’s and developer team thank for these awesome ROM

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