MIUI Custom ROM for android smartphones best android OS

MIUI Custom ROM for Android smartphones Best Android OS

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  • Introducing with the MIUI
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  • Supported device
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Introducing with the most popular Android OS

Develop by ” Xiaomi” What started off a custom ROM project that later on gave rise to an entire smartphone and electronics company, the MIUI is one of the biggest success stories of the past decade. Even though on paper it says that it is based on Google’s Android OS, MIUI in itself is a complete overhaul of the Android user interface. It features an iPhone like experience, having all the apps on your home screen, and making everything inside your device colorful and vibrant. The biggest USP of this ROM in my experience has been the background optimizations. The battery life on MIUI is by far the best in all the time I’ve used it, and I could actually make more out of my device. If you prefer a Chinese version of iPhone but made especially stable for the Android ecosystem, give MIUI a whirl. While the ROM may have mixed reviews, considering how different it is from the general Android experience, MIUI in itself is definitely worth giving a try

Screen short

Supported device

While officially it is available only for a handful of devices apart from Xiaomi’s, such as

  • Huawei,
  • Meizu,
  • Oppo,
  • Moto,
  • Samsung and more..,

it has been unofficially ported to many other devices as well.


How to install/flash it on your phone


A great thanks to”Xiaomi team” for giving us this awesome rom. thanks for you’re here have a nice day also check these similar content thank you.

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