Flyme OS for android phones best ROM for Android

Flyme OS for Android phones best ROM for Android

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Introducing with the Flyme OS.

Develop by”Its Own Brand Meizu” the custom ROM project has since then been ported to support other OEM devices as well. FlymeOS stands as a direct competitor to MIUI, having more or less the same interface, combined with a great mixture of colors and details. Some unique features of FlymeOS include an in-built Toolbox that offers a compass, a leveler, a ruler, and toggles for various Android settings right from the corner of your screen. Then, it features its own Security Center as well as support for FlymeOS themes. Lastly, the ROM also comes with mBack key and gestures, that allow you to navigate through the entire UI using just the home key and a couple of gestures. If you’re bored of the stock Android look and MIUI looks a little too cliche for you, FlymeOS might just be what you’re looking for.


Supported Device

Flyme OS Supported All Major android device

  • HTC
  • Samsung
  • OnePlus
  • ZUK
  • InfinixHot

While Flyme officially supports Android Marshmallow, with its beta announced for Nougat just a couple of weeks ago, the ROM’s features more than makeup for the slow development.



A great thanks to”FlymeOS team” for giving us this awesome rom. Thanks for you’re here have a nice day also check these similar content.


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