Dirty Unicorn OS for Android Smartphones

Dirty Unicorn OS for Android Smartphones

Dirty Unicorn OS for Android Smartphones

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Introducing with the most popular Rom DirtyUnicorn Os

Dirtyunicorn rom Is  Develop By”Dirty Unicorn Team”This is because of the plethora of customization features it offers is great, and it does so without any loss in the stability of the ROM.

This is because the major difference between DU and RR is that while RR simply merges the various codes into one main project, RR’s team actually rewrites the entire code from scratch to ensure system stability.

While this does mean that updates come a little slower, they are still able to deliver fortnightly updates. Also, DU has its own DU-SmartBar as well as FlingBar, that are both navigation bar replacements.

While the former one functions to add more buttons to the normal navigation bar, the latter one replaces the navbar with a gesture-enabled panel that you can customize. Lately,

the development team behind DU decided to remove certain features from the ROM, but those features were simply the ones users like to have on their device but never use it in real life. As a result, the latest versions are stable than ever and goes easier on the system’s resources.

If I were to describe Dirty Unicorns in my own words, I’d have to say it is the stable version of Resurrection Remix, it is available for all major Android device.

Dirty Unicorn OS for Android Smartphones


Supported Device

Dirtyunicorn Support All major Android device like

  • Samsung,
  • Moto,
  • LG,
  • OnePlus,
  • Nexus,
  • Pixel and more



A great thanks to”Dirty Unicorn Team ” for giving us this awesome rom.

thanks for you’re here also check out the related post have a nice day.

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