Carbon ROM for all Android device best & stable ROM

Carbon ROM for all Android device best & stable ROM

Custom Rom for android

Carbon ROM for all Android device best & stable ROM, Carbon ROM for Samsung, HTC, LG, one plus and more.

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  • Introducing with the CarbonROM
  • Screenshot’s
  • Supported device
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  • Flashing instructions
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Introducing with the CarbonROM

CarbonROM is also the best Rom in the world of CustomRom.Develop by”Carbon team” first ROMs to successfully implement Substratum (initially RRO and Layers), Carbon ROM is regarded as one of the most stable ROMs out there. The added functionalities in the form of carbon fibers include tons of mods for the System, Status bar, buttons, lights, gestures, and other various options. While it still lacks behind RR in the race for maximum customizability features, Carbon ROM still manages to hold its ground. Longtime users find it really hard to switch to any other ROM, for even though the features may be present on other ROMs as well, the smoothness and stability is unmatched. Carbon ROM would take up more than a couple of words. In your first run of this ROM, you’d find it similar to just about every other custom ROM out there. Use it for a couple of days, and you literally start experiencing the true beauty of Carbon ROM.

Screen short

Carbon ROM for all Android device best & stable ROM

Supported Device

CarbonROM is available on a plethora of devices, thanks to its long-running development, and officially supports major offerings from

  • Samsung,
  • HTC,
  • LG,
  • OnePlus and more.

It currently runs on Android Nougat 7.1.2, with support for Android Oreo 8.0 coming soon.


Flashing instruction

Credit & thanks

A great thanks to the “CarbonROM” developer’s for giving us this Awesome rom, thanks for you’re here have a nice day. also, check this related post.



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