Backup and Restored Android phone with TWRP tools

Backup and Restored Android phone with TWRP tools

Backup and Restored Android phone with TWRP tools

welcome guys now in this post am going to tail you, how we can take backup and restore of any Android phones using TWRP tools. it is very necessary if your going to flash custom ROM or root your device, you need twrp tools in your android, if you don’t have install/flash twrp tools in your android flash [how to flash twrp in any android ] the twrp tools if you have flash already then 

Follow the steps 

Steps 1

Go to the Recovery mode

most of the device press and hold [power button + volume up/Down key+home button ] press and hold at least 10sec for entering recovery mode if this is not working fine on Google according to your device otherwise comments below with your model no I will give you the answer 

Step 2  

Open TWRP tools

Now follow this, as you can see in this screen short

 Tap on backup,

Select a storage

tick all the above as we select here then After Swipe Right for confirming backup wait for complete backup it takes time  please wait, don’t break the operation, don’t  of the phone  

Now we are going to Restore of this Backup, now follow this steps

Step 1 open twrp tools , tape on wipe then advanced select this here, Now open Twrp tools 

Tape on wipe

Select Advanced wipe

select this :- Dalvik/ART catch/     data/    Catch/     System/   then swipe do it 3 to 4 times 

Now go back to main page and follow this 

Tape on restore

Select storage where yore backup file has been store

select the Backup file

swipe write for Restore Backup file

Backup and Restored Android phone with TWRP tools

Now, After the complete Restore Reboot your Android when the switch on your Android device, you can find all the setting and files are the same kind, If you have any query regarding this please fill free comment below thanks for you’re here have a good day 

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