Android pie 9 for Samsung Galaxy J5 [SM-J500F/M/H/Y/G/FN]

Android pie 9 for Samsung Galaxy J5 [SM-J500F/M/H/Y/G/FN]

Android pie 9 for Samsung Galaxy J5 [SM-J500F/M/H/Y/G/FN], Bootleggers ROM 9.0 Official (Shishufied)
We finally reached the first stable Pie release (Bootleggers 4.0).

Table of content

  • About Bootleggers ROM
  • Features of the ROM
  • What’s working
  • Bugs & Problems
  • Screenshot
  • Video preview
  • How to flash Custom ROM
  • Required system
  • Download link
  • Credit & thanks
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Bootleggers ROM

Stable Android pie 9 for Samsung Galaxy J5 [SM-J500F/M/H/Y/G/FN], Bootleggers ROM 9.0 Official (Shishufied)
We finally reached the first stable Pie release (Bootleggers 4.0). based on Aosp project,  latest Boolrgger version 4.0 Android Version 9 Pie, Stable Custom Rom for Samsung Galaxy J5 [SM-J500F/M/H/Y/G/FN], @vince2678, @minz1 and of course all other Galaxy-MSM8916 devs and contributors
the Bootleggers ROM team for the great rom the xda community.

Features of the Rom

Android pie 9 for Samsung Galaxy J5 [SM-J500F/M/H/Y/G/FN]

  • Stable Oreo9. Bootleggers ROM for J5 2015/16
  • ROM Logos
  • Supporting All Language( 203)
  • QS Rows and Columns

  • Scroll on small QS
  • Omni Style: Header Images
  • Volume Keys: Wake up, skip tracks and switch according to the rotation
  • Dirty Unicorns Interface (DUI): Fling, Smart bar, and Pulse
  • Show song album cover, visualizer and battery info on Lockscreen
  • Custom Carrier Label
  • Power Menu Items
  • AOSP Recents: Member, Clear All and Immersive Recents.
  • Battery LED light settings
  • Type of notifications: Heads up and Ticker, pick your poison
  • AppOps: Manage your apps permissions in an advanced way
  • Show app package at the bottom of app info
  • Unlink Ringtones and Notifications
  • Sort apps by size
  • close or disable GPS and switch to the 2G mode when it is not in work
  • Status bar Tuner: Set icons to show in the status bar
  • Network Traffic
  • Hide roaming, data X, and switch between 4G or LTE
  • Show/Hide QS Tiles titles
  • Quick QS pull-down
  • Music QS: Show song track
  • DUI: Double tap to sleep
  • Flashlight gestures (not tested)
  • Lock screen Tuner: Change left/right shortcuts
  • Double Tap to Sleep on QS
  • Disable the Power Menu on the secure lock screen
  • Screen recording added on power menu and QS
  • Icon packs for AOSP Recent
  • Snooze Head sup notifications by sliding the pop-up up
  • Headset Connection and behavior
  • App icon on Toast Messages
  • Show CPU info on-screen
  • Volume Steps

What’s working

  • Dual Sim
  • Calling,
  • WIFI
  • Hotspot
  • Bluetooth, H free devices
  • Mice & Speaker
  • Flashlight
  • Camera Back & front (image & videos rec)
  • Network 2G,3G,4G, LTE (No Volte)
  • NFC
  • Rild
  • MTP
  • Sensors
  • LED
  • Music
  • Camcorder
  • OTG supported
  • SELinux permissive
  • All the functions are working well


Stable Android pie 9 for Samsung Galaxy J5 [SM-J500F/M/H/Y/G/FN]

Bugs & Problems

NO knowns bugs,

if you find please inform or comment below

Not:- put your sim  in slot  sim1 for internet usage

Download link

Android pie 9 for Samsung Galaxy J5 [SM-J500F/M/H/Y/G/FN]

Downloads from Sourceforge (preferred)
j53gxx (rom)
j5ltechn (rom)
j5lte (rom)
j5nlte (rom)

How TO flash Custom ROM without Root in any android

Credit & thanks 

ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
ROM Firmware Required: MM
Based On: AOSP

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2018-10-13
Last Updated 2019-04-

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